Cell biology is part of the R&D activity in dermocosmetology, as providers of active extracts or pure compounds have to demonstrate their efficacy and safety. At HCS Pharma, we are developing new dermocosmetology assays on relevant cellular models, like human primary keratinocytes and human primary fibroblasts, using our automated platform and high content analysis system. Through the use of 96 or 384 wells plates combined with process automation, we constantly increase the throughput in order to allow proof of concept assays of one or several compounds up to the screening of large compounds libraries, for single endpoint or live cells analysis to multiplexed phenotypic screening.
Assessment of compounds activity/safety can be performed on several parameters in parallel with a multiplexed assay. Among them, we describe here wound healing, inflammation assay & extra cellular matrix analysis, which are routinely performed. Other parameters can be analysed on demand on live and fixed cells, using chemical probes or immunocytochemistry.

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