Confirming the efficacy of nutraceuticals and functional food is a key for the development of new compounds. In vitro assays play a role in researching and developing new actives ingredients dedicated to human and animals food. Using our automated imaging plateform, you can choose the better in vitro assays to validate your claims and screen a lot of samples, evaluating effects of food formulation and processing conditions, investigating the possible mechanisms behind the biological actions of food factors, and prepare your marketing campaign with deep cell data analysis and relevant images.

Imaging platform for nutraceuticals assessment

  • Support a claim through scientific data and cell imaging
  • Understand in vitro mechanisms of action of your active
  • Discover the innovative benefits of your active
  • Identify new claims for existing products

HCS Pharma offers a panel of validated cell-based assays allowing :

  • Quantification of key phenotypic and molecular events
  • Evaluation of potential benefits of your actives

Fully equipped cell culture labs and automation & cell imaging lab

  • 1 Micro XLS (MDS) in SA
  • 2 Sciclone ALH3000 in SA
  • 2 ImageXpress Micro confocal systems
  • UV irradiation system
  • Microscope system compatible with live cell imaging (5 channels)