We are happy to announce that Brittany region continue to help us (article in french) and co-funds one of our R&D projects in collaboration with Dr Anne Corlu, head of team 2 and Dr Bernard Fromenty, head of team 3 of UMR991 directed by Dr Bruno Clément in Rennes. Our R&D projects have two goals :

  • To develop new hepatotoxicity assays as steatosis, phospholipidosis, NASH… in 3D to order to mimic at best in situ situation
  • To undestand the implication of the microenvironnement in hepatocarcinoma development and thus to develop new assays in order to found new drugs to treat this disease

We really want to thanks Brittany region for its support and we are happy to work in collaboration with researchers in Rennes recognised in their work. Thank you also to id2sante for their help in this project.

We are really happy to be a part of the women’s network “Femmes de Bretagne”. This network aim to empower women who want to create companies, with kindness and respect. You can find more informations in french on this link : La charte “Femmes de Bretagne”

We want to thanks Anne-Gabrielle Marmignon for this interview.

« Act like a lady, think like a boss », le bureau de Nathalie Maubon, met immédiatement le visiteur au parfum. La jeune femme, maman de deux garçons de 9 et 12 ans, sait d’où elle vient et où elle va. Docteur en biologie, titulaire d’une thèse en recherche fondamentale en cancérologie et toxicologie, Nathalie a exercé pendant 10 ans ses talents de tête chercheuse aux laboratoires Fournier avec des postes à responsabilité jusqu’à la fermeture du centre de recherche.

Source: Femmes de Bretagne

Biotechnologies are growing in Brittany ! C.RIS Pharma, specialized in in vitro and in vivo preclinical development of new active molecules, just move to their new building on “Atalante Saint-Malo” area. More than 1 000 m² are added to the entreprise with 75% of laboratories. We wish them a successful installation!

News from this link: http://www.rennes-atalante.fr/actualites-technopole/actualites-de-la-technopole/blog/cris-pharma-setend-sur-le-parc-atalante-saint-malo.html