Zied Souguir, PhD – Senior Scientist Biomaterial

Zied has over 15 years of experience in the chemistry of innovative polymers and biomaterials. He received a PhD in chemistry and polymer science in 2006. His PhD dissertation focused on the chemical modification of polysaccharides and the study of the chemical and physicochemical properties of biopolymers and biomaterials.

Zied is also the lead inventor of the biofunctionalized BIOMIMESYS® technology and he is developing this technology in HCS Pharma for High Content Screening technology.

After with in high throughput called High Content Screening (HCS), super-resolved fluorescence microscopy was appeared. Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell, and William Moerner have won the 2014 in for their work on this technology. We can imagine that in the near future, we can perform  HCS with super-resolved microscopy. It will be a really challenge for lab automation suppliers, as Perkin, Molecular Device, GE healthcare, Thermofisher … to do it !!!

Along with advances in instrumentation and fluorescent probes, as well as in computational techniques, the work of Moerner and his co-Laureates has allowed scientists to observe and see individual single molecules in living cells in real time.

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