I will be present at the High content Analysis and 3D Screening Conference in Boston from Monday (November 7)  to Wednesday (November 9).

“Now in its fifteenth year, Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s High-Content Analysis & 3D Screening Conference will deliver the most recent developments in high-content and phenotypic screening. Leading pharma and academic researchers will focus on advancements in HCA technologies and applications, including screening of 3D and physiologically-relevant cellular models, data analysis techniques, and case studies and strategies for successful drug discovery. The expanded 3-day coverage on 3D cellular models and 3D screening will present the latest in spheroid, organoid and organotypic cell culture, and organ-on-a-chip technologies for drug screening, toxicity testing, and disease modeling.”

In this conference, I will present a poster on our collaborative work with Dr Karim Si-Tayeb, researcher from Institut du Thorax (CHOPIN project) on differentiation of iPS in hepatocytes in 3D culture for metabolic diseases screening.

If you want to know more on this project, don’t hesitate to come and discuss with me or contact us.

Last day at Eurotox 2017 ! I was very impressed by the enthousiasm of the community these past 2 days. A lot of tremending studies were presented, conforting our will to pursue our toxicology assay development. Last workshop will talk about advanced liver model integration for chemical safety assesment, and I am impatient to attend it !

ESTIV conference, named In Vitro Toxicology for Human Safety Assessment, takes place this week in Juan-les-Pins. This congress brings together a lot of toxicologists, from public and private, to discuss the last development of predictive in vitro models in safety testing, as 3D models, organ-on-a-chip, bioprint organs.

To learn more and to exchange on these topics, Julian, our COO, is present to this conference. Have a nice time to discuss with him on these last development of in vitro safety testing models ! If you want to be contacted, please leave your mobile number here :

We were present in the innovation zone of Drug Discovery 2015 congress last week in Telford. We had the opportunity to present our work with two posters.

The  first one was about the development of a neuroprotection assay as a Parkinson’s desease model in 2D culture. First results on 3D culture, where we can see the neurites connecting different spheroids, were also presented. The second poster showed the validation results of steatosis & phospholipidosis assay on HepG2 cells.

During this meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss with a lot of people around these posters and at our booth.

It was also a pleasure to learn that Celenys, our partner for 3D culture, won the award of innovative technology for their biomimesys technology. Felicitation to the Celenys team!

Join us for the next ELRIGfr conference in Brussels, the 14th & 15th of october.

lab-processes-2015After Toulouse and Paris, the European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIGfr) is happy to welcome you in Brussels for its next congress. It will be a great opportunity to exchange views and knowledge about laboratory automation, biobanking, imaging and to meet all key players in these fields.

You’re also invited to present your work at the posters sessions. Warning: the deadline to send your poster is septembrer the 15th. There is less than one week left to send us your abstract ! For more informations, please contact us at: info@elrigfr.com

The ELRIGfr conference will be located in the spacious and convenient Conference center of the Sheraton Hotel in the center of Brussels. The preprogramme of the event and the registration form can be viewed here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the capital of Europe !

Come and joins us to the congress organised by ELRIG: drug discovery 2014. A specific new session on phenotypic discovery and cellular imaging will be implemented in the 2014 programm.

I you want to learn more about this congress and to register, follow this link!

We are pleased to see you soon in Manchester!


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