We are very pleased to welcome Kathleen to HCS Pharma. With her Master’s degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, done at Rennes University, Kathleen was hired as an engineer at the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale. During those 3 years, she worked on different projects in the field of toxicology and drug screening, which gave her a strong expertise on cellular biology.

She is now our cell culture leader, welcome onboard !

Here is a nice example of cell imaging uses for stem cells characterisation. Different culture conditions are performed on adult stem cells and cell adhesion, proliferation, survival, and cell migration are followed by cell imaging.

Curated from www.jove.com

In this article, the authors showed how they have implemented image analysis and statistics on around 600 parameters on 3D cell cultures in 384-well plates on 44 human breast cancer cell lines. When we talk about big data, count…

We have developed a new image analysis platform to automatically profile 3D cell phenotypes with 598 parameters including morphology, topology, and texture parameters such as wavelet and image moments. As proof of concept, we analyzed mouse breast cancer cells (4T1 cells) in a 384-well plate format following exposure to a diverse set of compounds at different concentrations. The result showed concentration dependent phenotypic trajectories for different biologically active compounds that could be used to classify compounds based on their biological target. To demonstrate the wider applicability of our method, we analyzed the phenotypes of a collection of 44 human breast cancer cell lines cultured in 3D and showed that our method correctly distinguished basal-A, basal-B, luminal and ERBB2+ cell lines in a supervised nearest neighbor classification method.

Curated from www.plosone.org

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