We will be present at SIBS in Zurich, the international conference on Image-Based Screening. The program is plenty of interesting talks on “model systems in screening”, “advances in screening technology and assay”, or “images and data analysis”.

Furthermore, Nathalie, our CEO, is invited to present our activities on phenotypic screening on our innovative 3D culture assays. She will present you our activities, especially on our advances regarding the differentiation of patient-derived induced pluripotent stem cells for phenotypic screening in metabolic diseases. Furthermore, she will explain our vision on how new technologies, as virtual and augmented realities, deep learning and machine learning can be an advantage in phenotypic screening.

Nathalie hopes to see you in this congress to discuss on these topics! If you want to schedule a appointment, contact us.

produce a lot of (pictures, meta-data, results, etc.) and it is not always easy to integrate and  them.

In this webinar, James Adams (Senior Regional Marketing Specialist for PerkinElmer) will focus on capabilities to integrate data from multiple systems.

The ultimate goal of “ Data” is to provide timely insight that is used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of organizations. We live in a “data rich – information poor” world where access to data is not a problem but access to actionable information is.

Perkin Elmer and integromics worked together to create a new tools for HCS data analysis by integrating The High Content Profiler software into the visualisation tools already used by a lot of people in pharmaceutical industry: the TIBCO spotfire. This new solution will be presented for the first time next week in Barcelona, at the ELA2014 Congress. I will be really interested to know more on this new tool, and you?