kindoappWe are really happy to be involved in the beta test of Kindo codes from ARA Technology. Indeed, we are always looking for tools to link our printed materials (scientific posters, communication flyers, articles, etc.) to our news and our services (mainly avalaible on our website).  For example, all our posters have a QRcode to help people to download high quality version and to facilitate contacts.

Kindo codes are as simple to use as QRcode but are much more powerful ! it gives users many different contents to contact us and to understand our skills and our present works. You can see with picture at right all available contents.

It’s very simple to use Kingo :

  1. Go to your favorite store and download “Kindo” :
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  3. That’s all !

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We were at the last France Digital Day event in Paris. Many investors were presents and, even if they were more focused in digital domain, we noticed great interest for our business. As we are a biotechnological startup with a strong use of digital from pictures analyzing to IA development, they were really curious to know more about us.

We were also happy that biotechnologies were present in the last round table (Future of Humanity) as the next frontier of human evolution. The talk of Xavier Duportet, CEO of Eligo Bioscience, has been particulary inspiring. These next years will be full of promesses and of course, we will be a part of it !


We were pleased to talk at e-health day organised in Paris by L’Usine Digital. Our intervention was focused on the importance of public/private collaboration for today innovation in biotechnology. Our CEO, Nathalie Maubon and our partner Karim SI-TAYEB, from Institut du Thorax de Nantes, explained how they work together on cardio-metabolic diseases.


We saw many interesting interventions during this day, like the explanation of Ipsen digital transformation by Malika Mir or the Epidemium projet conducted by Roche (Isabelle Vitali) and La Paillasse (Thomas Landrain). We were also very impressed by startups like Epiderm (an application to get a medical advice from a dermatologist online and without an appointment), Diabeloop (an artificial pancreas to fight type 1 diabetes) or Revinax (surgery application aims to deliver fully immersive training adapted to medical exercise).

We want to thanks L’Usine Digitale, Carte Blanche Partenaires and Interaction Healthcare for the invitation.


Vas Narasimhan, global head development at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, talks about the importance of digital nowadays in pharmaceutical companies. He also emphasis the need to combine different cells therapies to efficiently cure complex diseases. Of course for us, it’s also a confirmation of HCS future developments to test the efficiency of these combinations.

Demain, il y aura la convergence de nombreuses technologies : les dispositifs médicaux, les capteurs… Personne ne sait encore comment cela va marcher. Nous avançons à travers plusieurs axes. En investissant dans des entreprises via des fonds de capital-risque ou en engageant de grands partenariats, avec Google dans les lentilles, Qualcomm ou encore Microsoft.

Links between biological research and computing remains complexes. But, in France the project Biointelligence wants to revolutionize the domain using Big Data and simulation. The objective is to use “in silico” models to shorten clinical essays.

Ils auraient trente ans de retard en la matière, selon le patron de Dassault Systèmes ! Mais les laboratoires pharmaceutiques français, réunis ce mardi 18 novembre à l’initiative du think tank G5 Santé, voient désormais comment le numérique peut accélérer leur recherche.

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