13th and 14th October 2016,  drug discovery 2016 was held in Liverpool, UK. We really enjoyed our venue at the 10th anniversary of ELRIG drug discovery symposium. Thanks to the ELRIG organisaters, we had the chance to present our activities in the innovation zone. A lot of exchanges were made about implementation of cellular high content assays across pharma, biotech, and academic research activities. We hope all these talks will lead to business and scientific collaborations.

High quality scientific presentations and posters made this symposium scientifically rewarding for drug discovery. Plennary sessions on translationnal and predictive models were very interesting. Advances in microstissues screening for drug prediction presented by Paul Walker highlight that 3D culture open a new area in high content analysis and  reinforces our choices in our R&D activities.

We would like to thank all the visitors who came to our booth, and we hope to meet you again next year !


We were proud to co-organize the previous ELRIGfr event in Rennes. 140 people attented this meeting, which was rich in presentations and exchanges during workshops and round tables about automation and innovation. We had the opportunity to attend two of these workshops:

 – A first one on pipeting calibration for robotic platform. A lot of things need to be done to harmonize and/or standardise this calibration. That would for example be the implementation of a working group within ELRIGfr that would propose a specific regulation (as it was done for single-channel pipettors).

– We also attend to the workshop on Robotic Liquid Handling (RLH) during which Pascal SILVERSMET from GSK Vaccines exposed the interest in implementing a management software for robotic plateforms. A flexible model in the form of bricks with a web-based interface, enabling automatic machine-warnings in one hand (in order to facilitate the maintenance of the park) and the use of their platform by many teams in the other hand (a scheduling tool with different levels of accreditation), seemed to interest the assembly.

Speakers, as Jean-Philippe Stephan from Servier or Anselme Perrier from ISTEM, exposed us their use of innovative technology (HCS, IPS, …) in a really interesting manner in their company. It was really interesting to have their impression on all these new technologies.

All presentations are avalaible under this link

We also wanted to thank Mme Gaëlle ANDRO, vice-president of Rennes Métropole for her support and her talk of introduction during this event !

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We are very proud to contribuate to organize next ELRIGfr event in Rennes. The central topic will be “Lab Automation, Formulation & Phenotypic screening” explored during three sessions :

  • Drug discovery by phenotypic screening
  • Automation of innovative cellular models
  • Automation of formulation & physchem

For each session, round table will be organized to exchange on the different processes in pharmacology, cosmetology and agronomy field. Find the complete program and inscription form on this link.

Of course, it will be a good opportunity for us to show the dynamism of “Rennes Metropole” in the support of biotech companies ! We will also talk about links between biotech and digital.

See you in Rennes !


We will be present in the “innovation zone” during the Drug discovery 2015 in Telford the 2nd and 3rd of September. The event is organised by ELRIG into 8 scientific sessions, which one is on phenotypic discovery and cell imaging. For participants, this event is free of charge. Thus, come and see us in the innovation zone!
If you want more detail about this event, follow this link: http://elrig.org/portfolio/drug-discovery-2015/

I was really impressed by the size and quality of the Drug Discovery 2014 organised by ELRIG in Manchester. More than 1,500 scientists participated in this meeting and nearly 100 exhibitors were present. Phentoypic screening and high content screening were prominent in this conference and we could hear researchers from Roche, Astrazeneca, Merck Serono or Cancer research UK / UK-NPSC (National Screening Phentypic center) to explain us how they have implemented phenotypic screening and HCA / HCS in their lab and process of drug discovery.
Here, you can hear an interesting interview from Dr. Peter Simpson, Co-Organizer of Elrig Drug Discovery 2014, directed by SelectScience :

Dr. Peter Simpson Discusses ELRIG Drug Discovery 2014

Dr. Peter Simpson Discusses ELRIG Drug Discovery 2014

Come and joins us to the congress organised by ELRIG: drug discovery 2014. A specific new session on phenotypic discovery and cellular imaging will be implemented in the 2014 programm.

I you want to learn more about this congress and to register, follow this link!

We are pleased to see you soon in Manchester!


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