The next ELRIGfr meeting will take place in Monaco (November 27th and 28th) and our CDO, Grégory MAUBON, will organize a special session about the use of augmented and virtual reality in laboratories.

After a first “step” during last ELRIGfr event (Forum Labo Paris) where many possibilities were presented, it’s time now to look at real cases. Grégory, who is also president of RA’pro (Association for the Promotion of Augmented Reality), has chosen three uses with clear results :

  • Sopra Steria will present how to use 3D models in training and quality control with augmented reality
  • Agence dad and Molecular Devices will present how augmented reality could be used in laboratories for devices integration and training. Of course, we will talk about our use of augmented reality for our HAPIx installation !
  • MicroTechniX will present their use of virtual reality for ScanLab II, where you can test the equipment remotely and before the machine is built!

Of course, many other interesting things will be discussed during these two days, like personalized medicine and data management ! We will be happy to meet you in Monaco !

If you have any questions about integration of immersive technologies in biotechnologies, pharmaceutical industries (and even in other fields), feel free to contact Grégory !

We were present this year at Forum LABO Paris with ELRIGfr to explain our vision of the future of laboratories and how “new” technologies like Big Data, Deep Learning, Augmented and Virtual Realities could change this field. You can find here a short summary of our views.

You can find our presentation on this link :  Augmented and Virtual Reality for the future of laboratories

Our usages of computers and IT are changing, because of the multitude of computers in our everyday life and, of course, in laboratories. Almost every device is going to be connected and is ready to produce data. The challenge for people is to understand how to communicate with these “smart” devices and to use data.

As Michel Rousseau (Microsoft) said, keyboard and mouse will disappear in few years, for many more natural interfaces like gestures, voice or even facial recognition. Augmented Reality is the most effective technology for this evolution and we begin to see examples in many domains. Look at this video where engineers built a new prototype :

Training and maintenance of complex devices will be extremely simplified, because we will get all informations in front of us, and it will be possible to be helped with the right expert (no matter where he or she will be). Alexandre Bouchet (Clarte) shown us these amazing possibilities, and it is not science fiction, it’s real and usable today ! Look at this vidéo (in french) :

These tools also will allow us to play and interact with data. For example in our field HCS, we extract dozens of parameters from thousand of pictures. It’s not easy to find robust correlations with simple 2D graphs.  By using Virtual Reality visualization, we can be really “into” data and get a better understanding of what we see.  Of course, we also can use deep learning and AI to help the interpretation.

If you want information, feel free to contact us !

Join us for the next ELRIGfr conference in Brussels, the 14th & 15th of october.

lab-processes-2015After Toulouse and Paris, the European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIGfr) is happy to welcome you in Brussels for its next congress. It will be a great opportunity to exchange views and knowledge about laboratory automation, biobanking, imaging and to meet all key players in these fields.

You’re also invited to present your work at the posters sessions. Warning: the deadline to send your poster is septembrer the 15th. There is less than one week left to send us your abstract ! For more informations, please contact us at:

The ELRIGfr conference will be located in the spacious and convenient Conference center of the Sheraton Hotel in the center of Brussels. The preprogramme of the event and the registration form can be viewed here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in the capital of Europe !

Nathalie and Julian were present during ELRIGfr event last week. They presented their company, their work and their collaborations. They have also presented two posters : the first one on a co-culture model of Parkinson and first results in 3 dimensions ; the other one on genotoxicity and steatosis assays on HepG2 cells. These next two to three months will be dedicated to validate these assays. New assays  will also be undertaken, like transporters assays, cholestasis or phospholipidosis, on HepG2 cells as well as on primary hepatotocytes. Genotoxicity assays are under validation on different cell lines as HepG2, SH-SY5Y, HeLa, HT29 cells. If you want more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

HCS Pharma is a sponsor of ELRIGfr event during Forum LABO on the 31st of March to 2nd of April 2015 in Paris. We will be present at this event and have a stand in the innovation zone. Furthermore, we are in the organisation staff of this event in charge of poster session. If you have posters to submit, you have still 3 days (up to sunday 8) to send us your abstract (about 100 words) to

Come on and see us at this event. To have more information, follow this link :

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