HCS Pharma is very pleased to be a sponsor of the 35th symposium of the french society of genetic toxicology (SFTG). This symposium attend in Marseille, the 26 and 27 Octobre at La Timone hospital. If you are interested in recent advances in genotoxicology, Pierre-Jean will present our new assay combining assessment of micronucleus and gH2AX/gH3, this afternoon at 14:00.

Find more informations on sftg2017.sciencesconf.org and feel free to contact us !


During ELRIGfr event in Rennes, We had the opportunity to present our work on genotoxicity assay (comet assay on TK6 & gH2AX on keratinocytes and HepG2) in collaboration with the team of in vitro of Galderma R&D. It is really exciting to work with them since they are really experts in their domain and they want to work on innovative solutions in HCS. We really want to thank them for our interesting discussion and our collaborative projects!



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