We were very happy and excited last friday to receive our guest in our Lille laboratories. It was the “official” inauguration after months of work, installation, validation and some sleepless nights ! Today, our robotic platform is ready thanks to skilled people of our partner Molecular Devices. if you were not present, I suggest you take a look at this short video and, of course, to contact us to come and discover our facilities.

It’s a real pleasure for us to annonce that work began in our future laboratories in Lille Metropole, located on the Eurasanté park of Loos. We will be located in a beautiful area with many biotechnologies skills around. Of course, we are also very happy to be so close to very famous medical teams from surronding hospitals. It was a key point for our installation !

If you want to see where we will be and get an idea of our future offices, look at this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=st_cjI_QHqY

We are pleased to announce that our incubation request in the Bioincubator of Eurasanté in Lille has been accepted in December 2015. The year 2016 will be exciting and fertile for HCS Pharma with the installation of a second location in Lille. This expansion is initiated to facilitate the establishment of strong collaborations with public researchers involved in the centers of excellence ONCOLille (oncology) and Distalz (neurosciences and Alzheimer’s disease).

HCS PHARMA (BIOTECH – PHARMA) : Start-up spécialiste du HCS, technologie innovante d’imagerie cellulaire qui permet de réaliser un criblage à haut débit et haut contenu de molécules pour l’identification de nouveaux médicaments. Grâce à des modèles complexes innovants, la société propose une gamme complète de services d’imagerie, de la gestion physique des échantillons au traitement des données générés.

Source: L’heure du bilan – Eurasanté
One year in pictures HNY

BioFIT is an international partnering event which aims at stimulating and facilitating technology transfer and collaborative research in the Life Sciences sector. Event takes place 2 and 3 december in Lille (France).

If you want to collaborate with us on R&D of cell imaging projects, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can also discuss on collaboration or partnership during BioFIT event since we will be present on this event! Thus see you there in two weeks!


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