During these last two weeks, we took control of our new robotic platform and validated the pipetting volumes and the entire process by testing it with a few plates. Some steps are still to be improved, such as the scheduling of the plates. The first screening with a few plates was on hepatotoxicity assay on SCREEN-WELL® Hepatotoxicity library from ENZO (238 compounds) in one concentration.

After improving our process, we will test this library in dose effect in addition to the Prestwick library. We will also perform neurotoxicity assay in a screening mode on internal and Prestwick library. These assays will allow us to validate all our process to cell culture until data analysis in addition to exemplify data on our toxicity assays.

First assays were performed these two last months on Parkinson disease cell model and we have obtained our first results on neuronal cell line culture and on co-culture of neuronal and macrophagic cells. A nice dose neurotoxicity effect was obtained with rotenone as Parkinson inducer. With these first results, we can now play with Columbus™ software to learn how it works for cell analysis.