This summer has been very studious for us with the development and validation of new tests in the oncology field. Cytotoxicity assay has been developed in 2D and 3D culture in 96 well-plates as well as wound healing assay on different cell lines. Few examples are presented in this website page “Cytotoxicity in 2D & 3D culture” and scratch assay (wound healing). And to know more on this assay, don’t hesitte to contact us.

More and more articles show the advantages of culture compared to 2D in field. This article describe how to do high throughput using 3D culture by rapid size profiling analysis over time on tumor spheroids.

“Tumor size is the most frequently used in vivo endpoint when assessing antitumor efficacy in animal xenograft models, whereas proliferation is the more typically evaluated growth endpoint in vitro using two-dimensional (2D) monolayer cultures. Such 2D in vitro assays frequently fail to correlate with in vivo observations, owing to the inability of 2D cultures to recapitulate the native tumor microenvironment described above. Three-dimensional (3D) tumor microtissues, or multicellular tumor spheroids, are considered a more representative, organotypic model for assessment of tumor growth. They contain layers of cells that exhibit more in vivo-like size- and gradient-dependent proliferation and viability profiles.”

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As oncology is the first used in HCS, Perkin Elmer has developped new High Content Analysis Platform dedicted for Cancer Applications as you can see below:


“A new high-content screening software platform enables cancer researchers to uncover more about basic and advanced cellular function to accelerate cell-based research. The Thermo Scientific HCS Studio 2.0 is a high-content quantitative imaging and analysis software platform for a range of cancer research applications, including angiogenesis and migration/invasion, as well as the development of three-dimensional models of cancer stem cells and spheroid tumors. “

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