As describe in this new article of we see that many new trends will change our vision of the “Pharma” field. We notice that HCS Pharma are involved in almost four points : Use of augmented reality, development of precision medicine, 3D printing (not for drugs but in the drugs discovery process) and use of artificial intelligence to validate test results. It’s not bad for a young startup !

I believe that there is a consensus in the medical community that current regulations concerning drug production; moreover digital health devices or health apps are obsolete. Regulatory agencies are basically unprepared for the waves of digital innovation.

Source: The Top 10 Trends Shaping the Future of Pharma – The Medical Futurist

Vas Narasimhan, global head development at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, talks about the importance of digital nowadays in pharmaceutical companies. He also emphasis the need to combine different cells therapies to efficiently cure complex diseases. Of course for us, it’s also a confirmation of HCS future developments to test the efficiency of these combinations.

Demain, il y aura la convergence de nombreuses technologies : les dispositifs médicaux, les capteurs… Personne ne sait encore comment cela va marcher. Nous avançons à travers plusieurs axes. En investissant dans des entreprises via des fonds de capital-risque ou en engageant de grands partenariats, avec Google dans les lentilles, Qualcomm ou encore Microsoft.