We were very happy and excited last friday to receive our guest in our Lille laboratories. It was the “official” inauguration after months of work, installation, validation and some sleepless nights ! Today, our robotic platform is ready thanks to skilled people of our partner Molecular Devices. if you were not present, I suggest you take a look at this short video and, of course, to contact us to come and discover our facilities.

Our automation platform in Lille has now a name ! We call it HAPIx for “HCS Automation Platform for Imaging”. And what is this little “x” besides ? It means that we can take 3D pictures of many things like cells, spheroids, skin, histology slides, etc.

To achieve this, we use two very powerful confocal acquisition tools from Molecular Devices (ImageXpress Micro Confocal) and a robust software layer to work in a high throughput manner. Thanks to a strong partnership with Molecular Devices, we are able to use the latest software developments and profit from their best skills ! It is a good way to imagine how to be better and simpler for our customers !

As it could be complicated to imagine what an automation platform is, we are happy to share with you a short immersive video “inside” HAPIx ! If you want to experiment it, please use a Google cardboard or something similar.

As we said at Forum LABO and ELRIGfr event, we are convinced that many (not-so) new technologies can enhance work of biologists. Augmented reality is a great tool to see “things that are not here” 🙂 It’s exactly why we have used it to check and validate our future robotic platform compliance (in our Lille laboratories) before delivery. Thanks to our partner Molecular Devices, we have worked on the platform 3D model to put it into a Microsoft Hololens and finally, in our laboratory ! The process is not so complex, when you work with Hololens specialists like dad (agence-dad.fr) !

As you can see on the video below, our CEO Nathalie talks with Cédric (from Molecular Devices) about small modifications on the platform. They see together the same 3D model. It is also possible to add a third person from a distant place.

It was only the first step ! Now we are working on the training part of our project and, of course, the possibility to maintain the platform from anywhere in the world ! If you have question, don’t hesitate to talk with our CDO Grégory, as you can see on his profile he is also an AR expert !