It was a great pleasure to participate for the first time in Brains4brain congress, which took place in Frankfurt last week! The interventions from basic researchers, medical doctors and private companies all aimed at deepening the understanding of lysosomal storage diseases (LSDs) and finding better treatments. The meeting began with the clear and inspiring plenary lecture by Lester Drewes about blood-brain barrier transport and dysfunctions, and continued with presentations dealing with the mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative diseases, the possible ways to cross the BBB and to develop new therapeutic options, and the results from recent translational studies. The coordinators, Maurizio Scarpa and David Begley, have discussed the European actions regarding rare diseases (MetabERN) and the future actions to be undertaken within B4B Foundation.

The congress was held in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere, many fruitful interactions occurred and possible future collaborations have emerged. The B4B council has called for an involvement of young researchers in the Foundation to bring new ideas for the future! There is still much to do in the field for improving patients’ lives… Thanks a lot for this great experience; we hope that HCS can help to fight LSDs!

Following the Rare Disease Day, we would like to highlight the next international workshop of BRAINS FOR BRAIN (B4B) Foundation, which will take place in Frankfurt (Germany) between the 8th and the 10th of March. B4B aims at improving the understanding and treatment of rare genetic diseases affecting the young brain, with a focus on Lysosomal Storage Disorders, thanks to the commitment of basic scientists, clinicians and patient associations.

The programme has been released (more information on B4B website), many topics will be addressed: the most recent research achievements in the field, the way(s) to improve the delivery of medicines into the brain and the role of the industries in driving innovation to find new therapies, among other issues.

We are looking forward to attending this promising workshop! You plan to be at this event? Why not schecule a meeting? Contact us!