La carte de la Cosmetic Valley

HCS Pharma is now member of the Cosmetic Valley competitiveness cluster, the worldwide leader in perfumery and cosmetics resources, skills, research and training.

Cosmetic Valley was designated a “competitiveness cluster” by the Inter-ministerial Committee for the Development and Competitiveness of Regions (CIACT) on July 12, 2005. Today it is the worldwide leader in perfumery cosmetics resources and contributes to the development of the perfumery cosmetics sector with more then 800 companies for approximately 70,000 jobs and €11 billion in revenue !

With the backing of local authorities, Cosmetic Valley leads a network of businesses and research and training centres committed to a joint approach based on a dynamic focused on innovation.

HCS Pharma is really happy to be now part of this cluster, as our dermocosmetology services are focused on innovation and new efficient technologies (like HCS). It’s a pleasure to meet and talk with researchers of the cosmetology field.

HCS Pharma is proud to be a part of the CHOPIN Project (CHolesterol Personalized INnovation). Selected as one of the ten most innovative health research programs by the ANR (French Research Agency), the project will receive more than €8 million euros through the second wave of the “Investissements d’Avenir” (i.e. “Investing for the future” ) program of the French government.


Led by Pr Bertrand Cariou, director of l’institut du thorax*, the project aims at improving the management of hypercholesterolemia by identifying new markers in cardiovascular risk and new targets of LDL-cholesterol metabolism, which plays a central role in the development and progression of cardiovascular diseases.

HCS Pharma is involved in the development and automation of new innovative cellular 3D models of familial hypercholesterolemia in order to perform phenotypic screening. Méryl Roudaut, Ms, will be a key person in this project for HCS Pharma since he will start his Ph.D. training in tight collaboration with HCS Pharma and l’institut du thorax under the supervision of Pr Bertrand Cariou, M.D-Ph.D., and Dr Karim Si-Tayeb, PhD.

HCS Pharma team is really proud to integrate such a nice project and to work with the excellence of French researchers, as Pr Bertrand Cariou and his team.

Out of the 51 projects that applied, only 10 were selected by an international jury. Scientific skills were of course important but the economic potential as well as public/private links were also at stake.

*l’institut du thorax is part of both French Health and Scientific Research Institutes  ̶  Inserm and CNRS  ̶  Nantes University and Nantes University Hospital

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