HCS Pharma, expert in cellular imaging & in vitro assay development for High Content Screening (HCS) & Analysis (HCA) has just acquired BIOMIMESYS® Technology, a biomimetic hydrogel scaffold based on biofunctionalized hyaluronic acid with extracellular matrix components for 3D cell culture.

If you have already used BIOMIMESYS® products, be aware that they will be available again in early 2018! If you do not know yet this technology, please let us know your interest.

Using BIOMIMESYS® Technology, HCS Pharma will also provide its expertise in HCS/HCA to evaluate the efficacy, mode of action, and safety of your therapeutic molecules on 3D cell models.

Ask us for a TC to know more about our services and products.

BIOMIMESYS® Plates’ assets:

  • Natural biofunctionnalized scaffold
  • Ready-to-use and easy to handle for highly reproducible experiments
  • Compatible with HTS & HCS
  • Use also for long term cultures & in vivo transplantation
  • Ease of cell retrieval, PCR & WB analysis

Among the assays and technics we were busy to validate this summer is the histology slide imaging. HCS Pharma can now propose you to scan your histology slide on its automated MicroXLS microscope, with a magnification up to 600x. This service include the delivering of fully stitched images if required, that is even if your tissue or organoid or spheroid sample is far greater than the field of view when using a 60x objective for example, all the images willl be merged into one unique picture covering all the sample.

After taking the picture, an image analysis can be undertaken to quantitate the physiological responses you are looking for, with a subcellular resolution.

This service is now available on fluorescently stained tissue samples (up to 4 stains on the same sample).

H&E stained histology slide scanning coming soon !

Primary human hepatic spheroïd, 60X magnification (click for full size picture)

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