We were at Biofit 2017 in Strasbourg a few weeks ago and this edition has been a real success, with more than 1000 delegates from 30 countries ! We were very glad to present our new HAPIx platform and we have extended our partnerships on our core R&D programs !

We especially want to thank Eurasante for the invitation on its booth. An ideal place to present a virtual reality tour of our laboratories as you see on the picture ! IT was nice to be close to our collegues from Sencet, who work on the characterization of circulating tumor cells using Silicon Nanotweezer (SNT) technology.

We also would like to congratulate Vaxinano for the prize in the Start-up Slams ! If you want to discover this technology, visit the company website. There were many interesting conferences so it’s hard to select only some of them, but we particularly appreciated the panel lead by John Mack (from Pharma Marketing Blog) about collaboration between academic institution and spin-off.

If you want more details about the two days of Biofit 2017, look at these videos from Future Worlds (startup network from the University of Southampton), it’s really amazing !

Next year, Biofit 2018 will take place in Lille and, of course, we will be there… See you next year !


We will be in Strasbourg on Tuesday and Wednesday next Week for Biofit 2017 event. We will have a booth on Eurasante space.

We will present our new robotic platform, HAPIx, dedicated to HCS and our new assays, especially on genotoxicity analysis (mutiparametric assay with micronucleus, gH2AX and PHH3 analysis in a same experiment).

We will present also our collaborative R&D programs on iPS, 3D culture and innovative 3D cellular models for phenotypic screening!

We will be really happy to discuss with you on our booth. Contact us now if you want to book a meeting. See you next week in Strasbourg!

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