The next ELRIGfr meeting will take place in Monaco (November 27th and 28th) and our CDO, Grégory MAUBON, will organize a special session about the use of augmented and virtual reality in laboratories.

After a first “step” during last ELRIGfr event (Forum Labo Paris) where many possibilities were presented, it’s time now to look at real cases. Grégory, who is also president of RA’pro (Association for the Promotion of Augmented Reality), has chosen three uses with clear results :

  • Sopra Steria will present how to use 3D models in training and quality control with augmented reality
  • Agence dad and Molecular Devices will present how augmented reality could be used in laboratories for devices integration and training. Of course, we will talk about our use of augmented reality for our HAPIx installation !
  • MicroTechniX will present their use of virtual reality for ScanLab II, where you can test the equipment remotely and before the machine is built!

Of course, many other interesting things will be discussed during these two days, like personalized medicine and data management ! We will be happy to meet you in Monaco !

If you have any questions about integration of immersive technologies in biotechnologies, pharmaceutical industries (and even in other fields), feel free to contact Grégory !

We will be present at « High-Content and Phenotypic Screening » conference in Cambridge (25 – 26 April 2017) to talk about advantages of 3D culture in phenotypic screening, during the user meeting of Molecular Devices.

Cellular assays in 3D culture have shown many advantages to better mimic the in vivo situation. A few examples in oncology, CNS and metabolic diseases, will be presented during this talk. High-Content Screening (HCS) devices, such as the ImageXpress Micro confocal from Molecular Devices, are now fast enough and sensitive enough to allow image acquisition in 3D cellular models. Nevertheless, to go further, perceptions and processes need to be changed. We will discuss cutting-edge new technologies, including virtual and augmented realities, deep learning and machine learning, and explain how these new technologies can be of benefit to phenotypic screening.

If you want to talk with our CEO or our CIO, feel free to send a message with our contact form !

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