We were pleased to talk at e-health day organised in Paris by L’Usine Digital. Our intervention was focused on the importance of public/private collaboration for today innovation in biotechnology. Our CEO, Nathalie Maubon and our partner Karim SI-TAYEB, from Institut du Thorax de Nantes, explained how they work together on cardio-metabolic diseases.


We saw many interesting interventions during this day, like the explanation of Ipsen digital transformation by Malika Mir or the Epidemium projet conducted by Roche (Isabelle Vitali) and La Paillasse (Thomas Landrain). We were also very impressed by startups like Epiderm (an application to get a medical advice from a dermatologist online and without an appointment), Diabeloop (an artificial pancreas to fight type 1 diabetes) or Revinax (surgery application aims to deliver fully immersive training adapted to medical exercise).

We want to thanks L’Usine Digitale, Carte Blanche Partenaires and Interaction Healthcare for the invitation.


Grégory MAUBON

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