This is a great pleasure to announce the recruitment of a post-doctoral researcher in the frame of our COMmon LABoratory (LabCom, BioPHARMEMs project) with CNRS UMI2820 LIMMS/IIS – SMMiL-E project (Lille, France) and CNRS UMR8520 IEMN (Villeneuve d’Ascq, France).

The researcher will work with the three partners and master the various aspects of the project in a collaborative mind. He/she will work in HCS Pharma company (Loos, France) to adapt a proprietary matrix (BIOMIMESYS®) to cultivate in 3D endothelial cells in vitro, and then, in the academic laboratories to validate the biological quality of the reconstituted tissues, to integrate microfluidics actuation and sensors. The device’s format will be adapted to the screening of therapeutic drugs on HCS Pharma’s platform.

The candidate should have a PhD or equivalent in biomedical/biological sciences, or in engineering/biomaterials. Experience in microfluidic devices and/or BioMEMS & biomaterials will be preferred. Experience in cellular biology – and more precisely with vascular biology – would be a plus.

All information to apply on CNRS portal @

We are looking forward to working further on this exciting project! Please share this announce broadly…


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