Advances in bioprinting are fast and exciting: As you can read in this paper, it’s now possible to use living bacteria in ink. It allows the creation of complex actives material very useful in healthcare, for exemple, but also in 3D cell co-cultures. Article presents us the enormous potential of this technology in many other domains.

In HCS Pharma we are very interested by this evolution and we are working on our biomimetic hydrogel scaffold BIOMIMESYS® to propose a great product in few months.BIOMIMESYS®!

A group of ETH researchers led by Professor André Studart, Head of the Laboratory for Complex Materials, has now introduced a new 3D printing platform that works using living matter. The researchers developed a bacteria-containing ink that makes it possible to print mini biochemical factories with certain properties, depending on which species of bacteria the scientists put in the ink.

Source: 3D-printed minifactories | ETH Zurich

Grégory MAUBON

Grégory MAUBON is Chief Data Officer and digital coordinator at HCS Pharma, a biotech startup focused in high content screening and complex diseases. He manages IT missions and leads digital usages linked to company needs. He is also a Augmented Reality Evangelist (presenter and lecturer) since 2008, where he created and founded in 2010 RA'pro (the augmented reality promotion association). He helped many companies (in several domains) to define precisely their augmented reality needs and supported them in the implementation.


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