×150.jpgPhagocytic and endocytic activities are essential cellular processes involved in elimination of pathogens and debris, as in internalisation of some cell nutrients. Using live cell staining, we set up a kinetic acquisation of fluorescent active phagosomes.

pHrodo® Green E. coli bioparticles conjugates are non-fluorescent outside the cell at neutral pH, but fluoresce brightly green at acidic pH such as in phagosomes. Following apparition of green fluorescence, we can assess specific phagocytic and endocytic activity over time.

Using our ImageXpress, supply with CO2 and 37°C chamber, we analysed phagoctytic and endocytic activities of several cell lines, such as mouse macrophages Raw 264.7. Kinetic acquisition can be performed up to 24 hours with fluorescence and transmitted light images.

Following video illlustrate assessment of phagocytic activity of Raw264.7 activated by LPS.

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