The first version of BIOMIMESYS Brain allows to form neurospheres. We now developped a new version of BIOMIMESYS Brain, which allows to form neuronal networks.

This version have a higher porosity than BIOMIMESYS Brain (Neurosphere), that allows to better disperse the cells and thus to form cell network instead of spheroids. BIOMIMESYS Neuronal Network is available in 96-well and 384-well formats.

Nuclei are stained in blue and beta-3-tubulin is stained in Green.

We performed neurotoxicity assays in BIOMIMESYS Brain (Neuronal Network) 384-well plate: we evaluated the effects of 5 Parkinson’s disease inducers in dopaminergic neurons (Luhmes cell line) in 3D in BIOMIMESYS compared to classical 2D culture. Tested inductors were rotenone, MPP+, paraquat and 6-hydroxydopamin, from 100 to 0.003 µM and glutamate from 1mM to 0.03µM

We obtained interesting results, in particular Luhmes cells were more sensitive to rotenon when cultivated in 3D in BIOMIMESYS Brain than in 2D culture.

Feel free to contact us if you want more informations about BIOMIMESYS Neuronal Network !


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