We wish you a great year 2021, with great success in your all your projects. Here at HCS Pharma, we strongly believed that 3D cell culture in adequat medium is a key factor for successful drug discovery projects.

To help you as efficiently as possible we have modified this website. you can now find all information about BIOMIMESYS® here, with comprehensive explanations for the entire products range. Technical data are also available (TDS and MSDS) with useful protocols and CoA (Certificate Of Analysis).

In the “Ressource” menu, all other scientific and support items are available. Of course, our experts will be happy to answer to your questions thanks to our contact page.

Of course, we continue to share interesting papers regularly, especially from topics closely linked to our research projects like, for example, oncology or neurodegenerative diseases. Our series of articles about the key role of extracellular matrix (ECM)  will be also completed. Moreover, if you have any requests on this subject, do not hesitate to send them to us.

Grégory MAUBON

Grégory MAUBON is Chief Data Officer and digital coordinator at HCS Pharma, a biotech startup focused in high content screening and complex diseases. He manages IT missions and leads digital usages linked to company needs. He is also a Augmented Reality Evangelist (presenter and lecturer) since 2008, where he created www.augmented-reality.fr and founded in 2010 RA'pro (the augmented reality promotion association). He helped many companies (in several domains) to define precisely their augmented reality needs and supported them in the implementation.


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