Please feel free to follow us in these conferences:

  • on Thursday 27th, we will attend the virtual Joint Meeting of the French and German Societies for Matrix Biology. Let’s talk about BIOMIMESYS technology (poster n°105, poster session 2) and BIOMIMESYS Adipose Tissue in particular (poster n°97, poster session 1)! You will meet our project leaders Elodie and Océane, respectively, who will explain you how BIOMIMESYS® is the relevant matricial environment for studying the impact of ECM composition and biomechanical properties in vitro (poster 105) and for the culture of mature adipocytes (poster 97).
  • on Friday 28th, we will attend the webconference of SCMC association (Société Cerveau et Maladies Cérébrovasculaires). Our PhD student Véronique De Conto will present her work about the influence of in vitro culture conditions on the phenotype and the neurotoxic response of SH-SY5Y cells. The programme in here: last chance to register today!

We are looking forward to attending these meetings, and to discussing our work. So please contact us for any information about BIOMIMESYS® products for 3D cell culture via this contact form, or to send us a message at We will be happy to guide you in 3D cell culture world!


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