The skin performs important function, including sun protection. Melanin distribution in the epidermis plays a role in photoprotection. Solar radiations induced epidermal DNA damages, mostly in the basal layer, and is an established caused of keratinocytes cancers. Melanin distribution in human epidermis is essentialy located in the basal layer. However, mechanisms resulting in this assymetric distribution of the melanin in the epidermis were unclear. A recent paper  published by Joly-Tonetti et al in June 2018 explains how melanin remained in  the nondifferentiating daughter progeny cell during keratinocyte mitosis ! A better comprehension of this phenomenom is a step forward into the improvement of pigmentary disorders treatments and scars brightening.

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Schematic representation of melaning distribution (Joly et al, 2018)

Schematic representation of melaning distribution (Joly et al, 2018)

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