“Regulation needs to catch up with innovation.”
Henry Paulson – CEO Goldman Sachs

The impact of NAM (new approach methods) on business success

The impact of NAM (new approach methods) on business success

A very nice state of art about animal testing and its alternatives can be found in the new article “Animal Testing and its Alternatives – the Most Important Omics is Economics” from Hartung et al.

This study established that economic drivers in synergy with ethical and scientific  arguments support the need for a change in the safety sciences.

“Many animal tests are simply too costly, take too long, and give misleading results.”

New tests and services are flourishing as part of the biotech revolution. The new in vitro approaches like 3D culture or microfluidic  are enabling technologies, which can do much more than just replace an animal test. In HCS Pharma we take part of this revolution with BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold. For exemple look at this application note (made with Integra Biosciences) about 3d cell culture for high content screening. It is possible to do many more things with BIOMIMESYS® so if you want information, we will be happy to respond !

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