It is a pleasure to announce that HCS Pharma has a new collaborative project dealing with Mucins, cancer and drug resistance Team of OncoLille (CANTHER-MUCINE) in the frame of pancreatic cancer, thanks to France Relance plan and Region Hauts-de-France. This project has started in October 2022 for 2 years, and is supervised by Dr. Vincent Senez (Oncolille) and Dr. Méryl Roudaut (HCS Pharma). We are happy to welcome Orégane Bajeux, who has been employed as an engineer for this project. Welcome Orégane!

This project aims to develop a preclinical model of pancreatic cancer, which will reproduce the mechanical stress found in the tumoral microenvironment. This model will include i) the extracellular matrix thanks to BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold for 3D cell culture (HCS Pharma) and ii) both the interstitial flow and the mechanical stress thanks to a microfluidic system (CANTHER-MUCINE). The cancerous cells will be derived from patient available from CANTHER-MUCINE.

This dynamic 3D model will allow in a systematic analysis of the impact of mechanical stress on drug response (HCS-PHARMA and CANTHER-MUCINE). This research will be crucial for the future application of this platform in early drug discovery and personalized medicine.

Example with breast cancer cells (MCF-7 & MDA-MB-231) in BIOMIMESYS® in microfluidic devices (nuclei were stained in blue, live cells were stained in green and dead cells in red).

Feel free to contact us if you want more information about the 3D cell culture technology BIOMIMESYS®.


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