Cultivated meat is meat produced from cells cultures, and it appears as a promising alternative to traditional meat derived from animals. Sometimes known as clean meat, cultured meat or in vitro meat, such cells are cultured in a customizable and controlled platform. The manipulation, enhancement as well as adaptation of the cellular microenvironment could be used to refine meat traits.

Picture courtesy of “Agriculture Cellulaire France

The phenomenal evolution of tissue engineering holds promises for the creation of meat in a controlled, animal-free environment. This requires a modification of the optimization parameters, with more emphasis on an environmentally friendly process, inexpensive biomaterials and obviously animal-free materials.

In order to promote tissue development, the plurality of cell types need to be cultured inside a 3D matrix that mimics their natural environment. At HCS Pharma we have developed a new generation of 3D cell culture matrix called BIOMIMESYS® Hydroscaffold™.  Thanks to BIOMIMESYS, we propose to users a ready-t- use and reproducible technology.  BIOMIMESYS® is customizable in terms of stiffness and composition to allow a long-term culture. This is the first 3D cell culture model with all properties as in vivo microenvironment. To know more about BIOMIMESYS® Hydroscaffold™ and its applications in clean meat, feel free to watch the recording of Elodie and Zied‘s presentation during the GFI’s Cultivated Meat Collaborative Seminar.


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