BIOMIMESYS® is a unique groundbreaking 3D cell culture technology which associates the behavior of a solid scaffold and of a hydrogel. It provides a cell culture microenvironment reproducing all aspects of human tissues, including matrix architecture, cellular organization, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions.


Depending on the organ, extracellular matrix components and their proportions may vary, allowing a more or less dense and compact cellular environment (different Elastic Moduli, porosities).

BIOMIMESYS® matrices are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), the main glycosaminoglycan (GAG) of the ECM, collagens and adhesion proteins. Our patented manufacturing process allows to preserve the natural properties of HA and therefore synthesizing proprietary Hydroscaffold™.

Tuning the composition of BIOMIMESYS® matrix allows to mimic the cellular microenvironment of any organ or tissue of interest.


Collagen I

Elastic Modulus: 1 kPa

Cells already tested

Cancer cells from patients

Cell lines :

For a better reproducibility of mechanical stress on cells

Mechanical stress on cells due to an increase in solid fiber (GAGs and collagens) concentration cannot be reproduced on 2D or 3D cell culture using hydrogels. With BIOMIMESYS® Oncology, we can reproduce the mechanical stress because we master the stiffness of the matrix. This mechanical stress – a 2-fold increase in the stiffness in this assay – increased the cellular proliferation.

For a better in vitro/in vivo correlation

By using BIOMIMESYS® Oncology, anti-oncogenic drugs (such as 5-Fluorouracil, 5-FU) showed cytotoxic effects  closer to human responses compared to 2D culture.

BIOMIMESYS® is compatible with all downstream analytical technologies.