A new BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold is available for 3D cell culture! 

This hydroscaffold is suitable for neuronal cell culture. We tested it for two cell lines: SH-SY5Y cells, commonly used for pharmaceutical research, and LUHMES cells (dopaminergic neurons). Cells grow and form spheroids with intra and inter-spheroidal neurites.

BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold allows to cultivate neurons in three dimensions and therefore reproduces cerebral tissue structure. Moreover, BIOMIMESYS® Brain takes into account the microenvironment of the cells by mimicking extracellular matrix. Finally, neurons survive longer in BIOMIMESYS® than in monolayer culture: LUHMES cells can be maintained during several weeks in BIOMIMESYS® Brain versus some days in 2D culture, which allows testing chronic effects of compounds on cells.

Consequently, neurons in BIOMIMESYS® Brain are a relevant model for neurotoxicity or neuroprotection assays, for instance to study Parkinson’s disease phenotype with LUHMES cells.

LUHMES cells seeded at 200 000 cell per well. 6, 13 and 20 days after seeding, respectively

We are now about to test primary cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) in this hydroscaffold. Moreover, we are currently developing another BIOMIMESYS® Brain version, in which neurons do not form spheroids but are organized in neuronal networks.

We can realize for you some tests in BIOMIMESYS® Brain, or you can buy BIOMIMESYS® plates if you prefer to perform the assays yourself!

Feel free to contact us if you need more information about the use of BIOMIMESYS® Brain!  


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