After Japan, the business trip has been been continued in Taïwan for several days!

As a scientist, I was really happy to see such open-mind spirit when I present BIOMIMESYS technology and how this kind of technology will change the drug discovery process and help the cell therapy/regenerative medicine in the near future. In Taïwan, we had the chance to work closely with our partner, Tokyo Future Style Taïwan, Inc. We had a lot of discussion with academic researchers that want to go further to implement more relevant in vitro 3D models with BIOMIMESYS integrated into organ-on-chip systems. We have also met clinicians and researchers in hospital that want to go further in personalize medicine and cell therapy by using BIOMIMESYS technology. Only few days in Taïwan but plenty of potentialities with our breakthrough technology.

In China, I had the opportunity to see different bioparks from Guangzhou to Beijing passing through Shenzhen, Haïnan, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou and Wuxi. I was really impressed by the rapid development of these bioparks, the entire ecosystem set up to support innovative start-ups and their long-term vision. As a scientist with a long term vision, I was really surprised to see that that I have in mind is already set-up in China.

We have also visited different start-up, discussed with academic researchers, CEO/CSO of biotech and pharma companies, such as Wuxi Apptech, Wuxi Biologics, Hua Xi Hospital, Sinopharm and many others . All actors work closely together in the same way to find new treatments for the patients. I did not see until now an ecosystem around healthtech so collaborative and attractive. China was lagging behind in the research of new drugs compared to the United States, Europe and Japan, but in the end, it is catching up and will probably overtake all other countries due to their openness to the innovation and by providing the necessary means and resources for innovative biotech start-up. The future of medicine is already being played out in Asia.


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