HCA congress in Barcelona

The 11th High Content Analysis conference will take place at the Fira Barcelona, on May 14th & 15th 2014  and Julian will be present in this event. Thus don’t hesitate to meet him during this event! Have a nice congress! Source: http://selectbiosciences.com/conferences/index.aspx?conf=HCA2014

New HCA platform for oncology

As oncology is the first used in HCS, Perkin Elmer has developped new High Content Analysis Platform dedicted for Cancer Applications as you can see below: source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20140407005786/en/Content-Screening-Platform-Advances-High-Content-Analysis-Cancer#.U1OZnPl_tTw

New application for HCS

Non-invasive cancer- diagnosis: a new application for HCS HCS was first used in pharmaceutical industry to develop a new way to find new drugs. But this technology is extended since few years in other domains, as diagnosis! source: http://www.int.laborundmore.de/news/694729/A-new-application-for-microscopy.html

Renaissance of Phenotypic Research

“While classical screens with a single readout only allow you to quantify the measured effect, high-content screens promise more: Additional phenotypic changes can be observed and also quantified, allowing in principle a distinction of the chemical responses into three classes: similar to untreated cells; similar to control-treated cells; or dissimilar Read more…

HCS to find new metastasis genes

Using automated high content screening and sophisticated computational modeling, the researchers’ screening and analysis of tens of millions of genetically manipulated cells helped them identify more than a dozen genes that influence cell shape. To go more in details of this article, follow this link.