Microbiota is the community of the symbiotic and pathogenic microorganism that we would find in our intestine or on our skin.

Today there is more and more researcher in Pharma or Dermocosmetology who are working on microbiota to find solution to treat different disease link to the inflammation and auto immunity diseases. In order to do that, researches are done to define the role of the microbiota in health and disease and to understand the physiological interaction between human tissues and the microbe that inhabit in this environment.

So as to respond to a global need in research, HCS Pharma is developing model on intestine (figure above)  and skin microbiota to offer to their customer services that can respond to their current needs. This research project is under going and realized by Jean-Baptiste Mascary who would develop human microbitota model in collaboration with the Pharmacology Lab of the University of Rennes 1 (INSERM U1230).

This model would find application for our services in Pharma, Dermocosmetology and also in Toxicology to support our partners in there R&D study.

Want to discuss about our results on our microbiota research? Meet us at In Cosmetics Amsterdam or contact us at welcome@hcs-pharm.com



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