EU Announces That by 2020, all scientific articles should be in open acces !

Great news for the future of sciences ! Following a debate on open science in May 2016, the EU Council adopted conclusions on the transition towards an open science system. This disposition would legally concern public research and public private research activities. Anyway, this research fields represents a large portion of published scientific papers produced every years.

This decision came from the “The Competitiveness Council”, chaired by Sande Dekker, the State Secretary of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands. He made the following statement “Open Science is a topic which is very dear to our hearts. During the Netherlands presidency, we have aimed at bringing Europe to the forefront of global change and at leading the transition to a new way of doing research and science based on openness, big data and cloud computing. Open Science breaks down the barriers around universities and ensures that society benefits as much as possible from all scientific insights. In that way we maximize the input of researchers, universities and knowledge institutions”.

HCS Pharma hopes this news will be well accepted by scientific institutions, and helped to develop European research market.



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