Originally, cosmetics were tested on animals, but since a couple of year’s manufacturer have tried to avoid this test to match the new regulation on animal testing. Today, most of the test will be conducted on human skin or eye tissue or even human skin culture.

In order to find an alternative model to animal testing, HCS Pharma has developed a large panel of In Vitro assays dedicated to cosmetics and dermatology. The different test will be able to show different parameters of the actives tested such as the toxicity or the oxidative effect of the product without using any animals.

Europe has banned the animal testing for cosmetic, who would be next? We are still improving our assay in order to respond to a demand that raise every day! So, don’t wait the new regulation and have a look on our assay for cosmetic on our website or contact us at welcome@hcs-pharma.com and our research team will be there to help you in your product development


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