I enjoyed to participate to this event hold in Stevenage at GSK, in a beautiful and impressive setting. The combination of uses of new technologies as high content imaging (HCA/HCS), imaging mass-spectrometry or imaging flow cytometry and new data analysis as machine learning and deep learning were presented in this event. These combinations show an extremely nice perspective in pharmaceutical research and in personalized medecine. I was really impressed by the quality of the presentations. James Pilling (Aztrazeneca) showed cardiotoxicity assay on 3D spheroid by using HCS technology. Emmanuel Gustin (Janssen) presented phenotypic screening by using phingerprints and machine learning. Rod Benson (Imagen Therapeutics) talked about precise and personnalised medecine for cancer by using HCS technologies.

All these emerging technologies and data analysis systems promise interesting discoveries in the near future.


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