The event “Research and Innovation 2023 – Accelerating future DD” of The European Laboratory Research and Innovation Group (ELRIG) took place in Cambridge on March 29th and 30th 2023.

Our project leader Dr. Veronique De Conto attended this event with our academic partner Dr.Marie Fernandes (CNRS, Oncolille, Canther Lab), who works with HCS Pharma in a collaborative project about targeted therapy to treat lung cancer, granted by Region Hauts-de-France and Plan France Relance.

Veronique and Marie presented a shared poster about BIOMIMESYS®Oncology and its use to study the genetic co-alterations in lung cancer and to assess targeted therapies. This collaborative project highlighted that BIOMIMESYS® Oncology matrix allows to develop relevant in vitro models, which reproduce the in vivo cell response to growth factor-dependent mutations and treatment, contrary to 2D models, and represents a promising alternative to animal testing.

Indeed, BIOMIMESYS®Oncology hydroscaffold increases the predictability of in vitro preclinical models, because it reproduces all the aspects of tumor microenvironment: matrix architecture, composition and stiffness, cell organization, cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions. In this way, presenting our poster was the opportunity for very interesting discussions about the importance to consider not only the cells but also the extracellular matrix in academic research and in drug discovery. We thank the organizing committee, the speakers and all the participants for this very interesting event!

You have missed the event but you are interesting by the poster? Find it here!


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