Last week, our study director Elodie was in Rennes to participate in NutrEvent! We had a booth there, under NSL Clubster pavilion (Lille Northern France Health and Nutrition clubster). It was a pleasure for her to present our activities in imaging and our 3D cell culture products to the visitors!

Apart from the one-to-one meetings and exhibition itself, the conference programme was very rich and the exchanges intense. In particular, we enjoyed the conferences and roundtable discussions about the collaborations between Food, Feed and Healthcare industries.

End of day 1, before the Nutriparty 🙂

NutrEvent was also the opportunity to discuss about possible collaborations (with our neighbour GenoScreen for example), and to meet our customers from the nutraceutical/food field in a relaxed atmosphere.

We would like to thank the organisers for the whole event, from the conference content to the lunches… It was perfect! Thanks to the people in Eurasanté and NSL Clubster for their help, patience and all the friendly interactions (in particular Marine Morfaux, Capucine Maes and Elodie Van-Hecke) before and along the meeting!

Thanks a lot for visiting Elodie on our stand, despite her regular fits of coughing… 😉 For those interested in our tests for nutraceutical claims, please go to our website and, of course, feel free to contact us!


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