The annual congress of Biology and Health PhD students from Lille (André Verbert day) took place at the Faculty of Medicine Thursday, September 10th. During this day, PhD students, in third year of thesis, had to present their works by talks, flash-talks or posters. Our PhD student Véronique De Conto has been selected for a talk about the development of a three dimensional cerebral in vitro model including the matricial microenvironment.

First, Véronique presented the importance of extracellular matrix in in vitro models for drug discovery. Then, she presented BIOMIMESYS® Brain hydroscaffold developed by HCS Pharma, which allows to cultivated neuronal cells in 3D in a physiological environment. In particular, she shown pictures of Luhmes cells (dopaminergic neurons), which form a neuronal network in BIOMIMEYS® and which can be maintained during several weeks in BIOMIMESYS® compared to a few days in 2D culture! Moreover, she presented the toxic effect of several Parkinson’s inducers on these cells: neurons are less sensitive in BIOMIMEYS® compare to 2D culture. These results are very promising for the development of a chronic model of Parkinson’s disease for High Content Screening of neuroprotective molecules.

Luhmes cells traited by erastin during 48h in 2D plate and in BIOMIMESYS® . Green: beta-3 tubulin; Blue: nuclei. Scale barre = 200µm.

In a second time, our study director Elodie Vandenhaute participated at a round-table about professional insertion of junior researchers, with Drs. S. Bontemps-Gallo, S. Julien, Dr. C. Miroux, and V. Prévot. She explained how to be recruited in a private company after an academic background. She also presented her work as a study director in a start-up like HCS Pharma.

Thank to organization comity for this interesting day!


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