Last week, our project leader Océane GUYOT was in Lisbon to participate in Skin Ageing & Challenges. We had the opportunity to present a short oral entitled Cell Imaging For Dermocosmetic Claims Substantation Through In Vitro Assessment On Cellular Skin Models. This presentation focused on the interest of cell imaging to support quantitatively and qualitatively dermocosmetic claims and the example of a 2D and 3D comparison of the synthesis of markers of skin aging.

During these two days we learned a lot concerning skin microbiome, especially the skin microbiome balance during skin ageing processes. We also heard about skin cancer, exosome technology or skin photo-protection.

For those interested in our tests for dermocosmetic claims or for our 3D cell culture technology, please go to our website and, of course, feel free to contact us.


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