We were invited at the workshop organized by SMILL-E (Seeding Microsystems in Medecine in Lille – European-Japanese Technologies against Cancer) and Yncrea during MedFit event last week. This great workshop was about Digital and Micro systems for LifeTECH. Elodie was there to talk about innovative technologies for the screening of anti-cancer drugs and the emergence of pathophysiologically-relevant systems, focusing on BIOMIMESYS® technology and its use in organ-on-chip platforms.

The afternoon was filled with 7 presentations by researchers from Japan, UK, Belgium and… Lille! Afer a first talk by ERC laureate Pr Ciro Chiappini (London, UK) dealing with porous nanoneedles and their applications, Pr Soo Hyeon KIM (Tokyo, Japan) talked about advanced microsystems for liquid biopsies, and Dr Félix Sauvage (Ghent, Belgium) focused his presentation on the use of laser-induced vapor nanobubbles fo the photo-ablation of vitreous opacities.

After a coffee break, the workshop went on with a presentation by Pr Dominique Collard and Pr Vincent Thomy about the Health EU project. Health EU is an advanced FET Flagship multidisciplinary research initiative in Europe, aiming for a paradigm shift to healthcare through the creation of human digital avatars, by leveraging all relevant data. What a huge and exciting programme!

Pr Dominique Collard presenting Health EU programme

Pr Sabine Szunerits (CNRS Silver medal) from IEMN (Lille, France) spoke about heat-based transdermal drug delivery concepts. Last but not least, Dr Julien De Jonckheere (CHU Lille, France) was invited to discuss about a new device for the prevention of perinatal asphyxia, in the frame of PrevAP project.

We would like to thank the organizers for giving us the opportunity to present our recent projects related to organs-on-chip, and of course to all our collaborators in the field for their precious work with us and BIOMIMESYS®: IEMN, SMMIL-E, LIMMS and UTC teams!


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