Last week we were glad to attend TERMIS-EU workshop in Nantes, dealing with 3D bioprinting in cancer research. There we presented 3 posters – that you can find on our website! – about BIOMIMESYS® product range, about iPSC-derived hepatocytes in BIOMIMESYS® Liver, and about BIOMIMESYS® for organ-on-chip systems… Moreover, we had a booth in the innovative corner!

We enjoyed the overall organization of the congress – special thanks to Etienne Jarry from Com&Co! – and the different sessions, which were all very interesting… We heard about the cancer microenvironment, 3D and organ-on-chip in vitro models, and bioprinting applications in tissue reconstruction.

We were particular interested in the keynote presentation by John Jackson (Wake Forest University, USA) about bioengineered 3D tissue and tumor organoid models for drug and toxicity testing.

We had the pleasure to present our product BIOMIMESYS® at the very beginning of the second day.

Thanks to the chairs – Pierre LAYROLLE, Christophe MARQUETTE and Luciano VIDAL – for this great conference. We are looking forward to participating to the next one!


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