This was a pleasure to be present at Advances in Cell Based Screening 2017 #ELRIGCBS17 congress in Gothenburg. Presentations during those two days were interesting showing new progress in technologies as in 3D cell culture and patients derived culture iPS cell. Phenotypic screening and machine learning are becoming the standard in the industry and will allow personalized medicine in a near future.

As an example Professor Neil Carragher from Edinburgh University has explained their phenotypic screen on glioma using patient derived culture, cell painting as described by Anne Carpenter from the Broad Institute of MIT as read-outs and machine learning for image and data analysis. Another topic of interest was from Vilja Pietiäinen (Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland – FIMM) showing their proof of concept for personalized medicine in oncology, on leukemia and solid tumors. They used genomic and phenotypic screening on patients derived cells on 2D and 3D culture with machine learning to choose the drugs which are the most effective for the patient. We were also very interested by topics about advances in 3D culture, especially for human hepatocytes as presented by Volker Laushke. Indeed, 3D culture of PHH and human derived PHH are part of two subjects from our R&D project InnovCell 3D, and Chopin.

Other talks from pharmaceutical industries as Astrazeneca and GSK showed also the interest of all these new technologies to be more efficient in drug research and development. We remember the presentation from Sinead Knight from AstraZeneca depicting the High-Throughput phenotypic screen to identify modulators of human pancreatic β-Cell proliferation for Type II Diabetes.

Discussions around our HCS Pharma ‘s booth (located close to the poster) were intense and have lead to new ideas and collaborations. Thanks of all of you visiting us! We hope to meet you all again at the next conference.


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