This is the end of Rania‘s 6-month internship in HCS Pharma about a new liver biochip system.

After a first publication “Development of Liver-on-Chip Integrating a Hydroscaffold Mimicking the Liver’s Extracellular Matrix” in collaboration with the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) using the BIOMIMESYS® Liver hydroscaffold™ and HepG2/C3A (hepatocellular carcinoma cell line) in biochips, Rania Chibani has developed a new model in HCS Pharma company. To go further, she has set up and characterized the culture of primary human hepatocytes (PHH) in BIOMIMESYS® Liver hydroscaffold™ within the microfluidic chips from UTC.

In this purpose, Rania has combined 3D culture in chips with dynamic conditions to culture primary human hepatocytes and compared their phenotype with a static model to observe PHH maintenance over 21 days in BIOMIMESYS® Liver hydroscaffold™. Great job in setting up this model and pursuing this project!

Rania is currently looking for a job, so don’t hesitate to contact her if you have a vacancy.

Thank you Rania for this great work!

For this work, we would like to thank ANR for financing MIMLiverOnChip project, and BMBI Team lead by Cécile Legallais for the great ongoing collaboration!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about BIOMIMESYS® Liver hydroscaffold™, HCS Pharma’s technology for 3D cell culture to mimic the extracellulaire matrix (ECM).


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