I was really happy to be invited in SIBS 2017 in Zurich last week to present our work on 3D cell culture in phenotypic screening and our use of disruptive technologies in our process (augmented reality and virtual reality). I presented our collaborative work with Dr Karim Si-Tayeb, researcher from Institut du Thorax (CHOPIN project) on differentiation of iPS in hepatocytes in 3D culture for metabolic diseases screening. Karim has also the opportunity to present a poster on CHOPIN project with more information on iPS differentiation in hepatocytes and their use for phenotypic screening.

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The presentations during this event were really of interest with demonstration of the usage of new technologies as 3D culture, microfluidics, new microscopy technologies as light sheet microscopy. All these presentations showed that the development of cellular models for screening are made more and more complex, to be more and more physiological and relevant. As an example, Blandine Avignon from Roche has presented an epithelial barrier on a chip from Mimetas including 3D matrix and microfluidics. With this new device, they should follow the integrity of the barrier in fluorescence live cell microscopy.

I want to really thanks the organizers for this invitation and for this really nice and high scientific level event. See you in 2 years in Switzerland for the next SIBS event!


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