Thanks a lot to Integra biosciences‘ and Molecular Devices‘ teams to have welcomed us on their respective booths at Forum Labo Lyon! It was a great pleasure to take part in this event by their side, as a proof of our fruitful – and hopefully long lasting – collaboration ! The organisation of Forum Labo was great, we could present both our product BIOMIMESYS® for 3D cell culture and our services in high content screening. Thanks to all our visitors for their interest and curiosity towards our expertise!

However,  most exhibitors were in Forum Labo to present products and devices, rather than services… We were proud to propose services as well!

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HCS Pharma winner of Lab'Start Up Village @ Forum Labo Paris 2019 | HCS Pharma · February 12, 2019 at 2:01 pm

[…] also would like to thank our partner Integra and Molecular Devices who welcomed us on their own stands last year in Lyon! We would not be in Forum Labo Paris this year without you […]

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